how to dye dark brown suede pants black?

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Answered: Why do black people seem to enjoy fried chicken so much?

Do you refer to the billion dollar fast food empire,

Answered: What makes vinegar turn red dye brown?

Sounds like analine yellow-red ferrous dye. No binder: polar solvent only. Acetic acid can oxidize red iron oxide (Fe2O3) to black (Fe3O2). Giveaway is lack of vinegar smell after setting in fiber substrate. Ammonium hydroxide will reverse the reaction.

Answered: Dark brown jeans women's

You can likely find them at

Answered: Screen Too Dark

Laptop ? I can't give exact directions because my notebook motherboard died. Anyway -- start button -- control panel -- see if down at the bottom an icon for mobility center ? Check all parts for slider bar to brightin. I did a Google search and found this ----------------------- http://windows ...

Answered: What is a brown snake with a dark black tail

Many snakes are brown and have dark brown tails. If you gave us a better description, perhaps a herpetologist here could identify the snake. A photo would also be handy.

Answered: Dark hyperpigmentation marks

Hi there! I too have this problem. I come from a tropical country and now work in a high altitude country. Within 3 months of arriving i started noticing that my face and arms were turning darker and darker. I am dark skin by birth. But this was turning me shades darker. I tried several over the ...
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Since Lustrous Henna is a deposit only color, you could only go from lighter to darker color. If you use Lustrous Henna Red on dark brown hair, red over dark brown will be visible under the light or under the sun. The hair will look more shinier and healthy.