How to draw crimson typhoon?

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Answered: Typhoon

A british fighter replacing the Hurricane, which as I recall. was the one that shot down more german aircraft than the Spitfire ;-)

Answered: Drawing

If you want to get better keep trying. I mean that in a sincere way. I used to copy pictures out of coloring books when I was a kid, and I learned all of the fine motor skills I needed to draw. It grew from there. I would even say that I only drew things I could look at for about 10 years... until I ...

Answered: I have a pencil drawing done by michael groner. Not sure who he is. The

Michael was my brother. He passed away over ten years ago. Please contact me at

Answered: I have a pencil drawing done by michael groner. Not sure who he is. The

Chances are good that it was done by my late brother, Michael. He passed away just over ten years ago in Aurora, Illinois. He was an accomplished artist but also an alcoholic. He did many pieces over a thirty-five year span, including paint, charcoal, ink and pencil. Some of his stuff was most mind ...

Answered: Drawing

In order to draw school girl outfits, you'll probably need some reference pictures of what you have in mind. I recommend googling it or heading to to search for some. Then sketch out some guidelines for your clothes, depending on how realistic or cartoon you want to draw, the ...
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The Messerschmitt BF-109 Y, and Z models were flown by the Argentine Air Force just after WWII. They did not see service in the European theater. They also flew North American P-51 H and J models, while we kept the robust and reliable G models until we developed such as the F-86 C. Here is their ...

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I'm glad you asked that question. You should look at these sites; <a href="">Wiki Weather Control</a> <a href="">October 19, 2005</a>