how to draft and stitch dhoti salwar?

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Answered: Salwar suits

There are a few sites that sell salwar suits online. You can also try Shopper's Stop where I usually buy my ethnic stuff from. The quality is quite good.

Answered: Deleted a saved draft from my email - how can i retrieve it ?

Hi Frances: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. How do I recover an email that was recently deleted in AOL Mail?

Answered: Stitches

I think a couple of weeks but ask your doctor to be sure.

Answered: Lookin for someone to top stitch heavy leather ..I,m making sling

My sewing machine will handle up to 3/4 inch leather or fabric. Need more info on what you need. JimB

Answered: Does Obama have a draft card?

No. He has a Daft Card. Lady Darko

Answered: First player chosen in the NFL Draft?

Surprise Cam Newton out of Auburn .
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