how to draft and stitch dhoti salwar?

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Answered: Stitches

I think a couple of weeks but ask your doctor to be sure.

Answered: Deleted a saved draft from my email - how can i retrieve it ?

If you start an email and the system gets rebooted, your mail is gone. If you delete a draft email that was saved to send later, it is not in Recently Deleted. It is gone.

Answered: Salwar suits

My suggestion would be to check out online shopping stores. They have good collection of salwar kameez and at reasonable price. Also, you can just ask for make a choice randomly and gift her that salwar suit on her birthday which would be a good surprise also.

Answered: Lookin for someone to top stitch heavy leather ..I,m making sling

My sewing machine will handle up to 3/4 inch leather or fabric. Need more info on what you need. JimB

Answered: Draft

No, I actually would be thrilled with any of the USC linebackers or Andre Smith. I think Wynn and Daniels will be fine at end for a 1 or 2 years (if they remain healthy), I believe they could even have upwards of 10 or more sacks combined and thats not bad at that position. Not to mention our run ...

Answered: Does Obama have a draft card?

No. He has a Daft Card. Lady Darko
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The Giants are ok, but nothing out of the ordinary. I wouldn't place any bets yet.

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Start with Google. Just search on "university cross stitch patterns" and you'll get some good beginnings, including University Depot: Cross Stitch for College and University and several sites offering free patterns. I've had very good luck finding such designs through various schools' bookstores ...

How long for stitches to dissolve on the surface ...

Usually 5-7 days. However, you should notify your doctor immediately! You have 1 pair of eyes and want to make sure an inflammation does not turn into an infection. Do not delay. Meetze94

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Terry Baker- won Heisman, did nothing.