how to do venn perplexors?

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Answered: How do i make a venn diagram for brave new world showing an american

Basically a venn diagram is two circles that join at the edges...they kind interlock a the left side circle you put things that a factory worker does on the right side you put the things the work a american factory workers does...then in the middle where they join you put their ...

Answered: What is the gcf for 15 and 40 using venn diagram?

15 can be factored into 3 x 5. 40 can be factored into 2 x 2 x 2 x 5. You could show two overlapping circles, with 5 in the overlap, 3 on one side, and 8 on the other. The common factor 5 is part of both. 3 is part of 15 but not 40. 2 x 2 x 2= 8 is part of 40 but not part of 15. And if you are ...

Answered: Venn diagram question

Very helpful answer.

Answered: Venn diagram help

harry Answered: Let us call A the number of job seekers (j.s.) which have a degree but no other qualification and B the number of j.s. with both a degree and some other qualification, thus A + B = 12 (1) Let us call C the number of j.s. with no degree but with ...

Answered: Find a Venn Diagram of carbon-12 and carbon-14

The set of all Carbon-12 molecules and the set of all Carbon-14 molecules are mutually exclusive. That means there is nothing that is both Carbon-12 and Carbon-14 at the same time. Draw two non-overlapping shapes on a piece of paper. They can have any shape. They need not be the same shape ...

Answered: Math

Venn Diagrams may contain an infinite number of first, second, and third-order regions, depending on the complexity and configuration of the diagram. Anymore, we use Boolean algorithms to describe what we once described with Venns.
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