How to do the snake belly dance move?

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Answered: Snake, triangular head, dark grey, very aggressive, 12" long, 1.5" thick

Also, the inside of his mouth was pinkish. He showed it to me several times.

Answered: Belly dancing

Hip bounce is a pretty basic move. Here is a video showing how to do it, hope it will help you with your decision:

Answered: Dance fitness programs are now becoming a popular ...

Dance fitness programs are very popular. When selecting a dance fitness program: Assess your fitness level realistically. Think about the level of exertion you can comfortably handle. If you aren't fit and just starting in dancing, start slowly. Decide how you want to learn dancing. You have ...

Answered: Snakes

The indigo snake is black or dark brown with a white belly. It is probably the largest native snake in North America living in the southern part of the US. #mce_temp_url# here are some other #mce_temp_url#

Answered: Snakes brown back orange belly. i found a small ...

It is a "Redbelly Snake". See

Answered: Waltz Dance

You can look for fictitious dance academy
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I don't relly know all of the snakes, but it will be very helpfull to know: a. Where were you when you saw the snake ? b. what was its size ? c. what was its head's shape ? d. what was its tail's shape ? I'm not shure that I'll be able to answer when I get those answers, but they'll help anybody.

What kind is this snake

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