how to do all orugomi pistols?

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Answered: Can you shoot 357 magnum ammunition in a 40 calliber semi automatic

Absolutely not. Doing that will very likely destroy your pistol, and quite possibly your hands.

Answered: Info on my pistol

As Norm says, it's probably an Iver Johnson. Any seasoned gunsmith can measure the chamber and tell you the correct caliber of the pistol or revolver.

Answered: I have a 1871 38 cal pistol : how can i find more information as to what

If a local gun dealer is unable to identify your pistol, try writing to NRA's AMERICAN RIFLEMAN magazine: address: 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22030-9400. Tele. 703-267-1000. The magazine has a feature column to answer such questions. Be sure to send a photo of the pistol along ...

Answered: Pistol Panties

If you want to get Pistol Panties online then simply have a look here:

Answered: Fps foe crosman air pistol

How old is that pistol? It's not made anymore. Probably the only way to find out is to Chrony it yourself or call Crosman at 800-7-AIRGUN . They might know. Thanks Scott

Answered: WWII Japense Flare Pistol

Maybe this website will help:
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What antique pistol has crowned crossed keys as proof mark?

I think Webley pistols have a mark like this

32 pistol

I would just check out a weapon store in your area and see if they have it. If not, maybe they can order it for you. If it's very new, then you might have to look around a bit or have it ordered, but I'm sure you can find one. Good luck.

California Pistol Qualification

The law is somewhat loose in what they mean by qualification or who has to certify so. Best is to go to an established range and ask if they have any contracts with any local agencies to qualify their folk. California Departtment of Corrections has contracts with ranges through out the state to ...

Pistol permit application for business sample letter

if your looking for some idea or tips on how to make one you can check my source below,they have lots of sample of any letters there.