how to do a waterless pdicure?

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Answered: How do i make waterless hand cleaner

well I'm sorry to do this for you but I'll have to ask you was are the demands of this hand cleaner? should it be non toxic? odorless? basicly the water are needed as a solvent? when you are washing your hand with soup the soup gets attached to the unsouluble dirt (thing such as grease or oil ...

Answered: Where can i get handles and knobs

You've all been as helpful as a screendoor on a submarine.

Answered: Do you have the waterless car wash ?

yes waterless car wash help in saving water, so everyone should try this

Answered: Waterless Car Detailing System

I've heard about waterless car detailing but I prefer Hand car wash - steam cleaning exterior . Well, mainly because water is still the best solvent you can find out there --that's why it's called the "Universal Solvent," right? I mean, the main reason why car wash companies go for the use of least ...

Answered: What is your opinion of the waterless car wash sprays? Which one is

I believe the best one is greeen'swaterless car wash system. It will clean inside and out with using any water. Contains the finest ingredients. Carnauba wax and kaolin clay.

Answered: Waterless cookware

Waterless cookware I think it is good for cooking and to prevent the tools to having rust. I have a tools but a little bit similar like this but I don't how it called waterless cookware if I wash it everyday after use in serving dishes. dinnerware
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