how to dispose of round up?

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Answered: Where to dispose of an old sofa in Moore Township,PA

It is pointless to keep repeating the same question. If we didn't know the first time, we won't be able to answer the other 4 times. Why don't you call your Town Hall or other local governing body?

Answered: Where can i find a fiber gasket for a sears garbage disposal

I would start with a plumbing store, like All-Rite. One of the box stores should have this, if Sears doesn't. I know. They don't carry parts for anything anymore.

Answered: Rounding

My first idea was togo "google" the question. What I found follows: Rounding [excerpt] From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rounding is the process of reducing the number of significant digits in a number. The result of rounding is a "shorter" number having fewer non-zero digits yet similar in ...

Answered: How to dispose of a misfire round?

If the round is/was new out of the box, take it back to the store where you got it, along with the rest of that box of ammo, and complain to the management. Ask for a fresh box of ammo with a different lot number on the box. It had better better be free of charge. If it was a re-load, give it ...

Answered: My garbage disposal does not work and I have ...

There could be a problem in valve so it better to repair it . Dumpsters | Dumpster Rental
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Garbage Disposal

If the odor persists you may have to remove the trap and clean it out.

I think i have a small rock stuck in my garbage disposal. How do I fix

First all first Check is it plugged in ,If it is plugged in, feel around on the bottom of the disposal for the reset button.the disposal for a mysterious hole at the center. Place the short end of the hex tool into this hole and rotate it around a few times, back and forth. If you have a small ...

Where and when to dispose of paint

If Water based Latex paint? -Open Can and let it Dry Out entirely -and you should be able to jusst dispose of it in your Garbage ( Ck with your Garbage Company or Town Clerk) IF OIL BASED PAINT? Hazordous material! Ck with Town Clerk where you can take it too . Ours has a Town Facility for that ...

How to dispose of blood?

And who's blood are we disposing of?