how to dispose of outdated canned food?

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Answered: What can be done with outdated canned food

Judy's right LBBB experience you won't soon forget.... ,,,,,,,,

Answered: Where to dispose of an old sofa in Moore Township,PA

It is pointless to keep repeating the same question. If we didn't know the first time, we won't be able to answer the other 4 times. Why don't you call your Town Hall or other local governing body?

Answered: Where can i find a fiber gasket for a sears garbage disposal

I would start with a plumbing store, like All-Rite. One of the box stores should have this, if Sears doesn't. I know. They don't carry parts for anything anymore.

Answered: Where can i find disposable e cigs?

There are a lot of cheap jersey online mall have in to sell, the general price between $20 - $25, I have a very good website, their kit price is very cheap.

Answered: Cat food?

I give dry food to my cat. Dry cat food provides exercise for your cat's teeth and removes excess tartar. It can also be kept out longer for feedings than wet food without spoiling or insect infestation.
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Bernies 1700 Foothill Blvd.


Hi, I think you can eat anything in fruits and green vegetable salad are Best Diet Food. ......... Catering services in Melbourne

Some Foods are canned to preserve again. What is the process of

The basic process is to remove the air from the can holding the food. This is done by cooking and then sealing the can to prevent any air entering the can which now has a vacuum because the air has been evacuated.