how to disassemble vintage tonka trucks?

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Answered: How do you disassemble a vintage gucci 2000m watch, especially disconnect

You don't, at least if you plan to ever put it together again or are a trained watch maker with the proper tools.

Answered: Info on tonka man

tonka man is 8in tall with tan sute blue hat with tonka on it

Answered: 70 hos changes for truck drivers

Wouldn't 1 or 2 hos be enough? I mean how many times can you have sex in a day? 70 hos? Man you must take a lot of viagra.

Answered: Vintage brass cobra balancing 2 brass bears

I had a small brass cobra with two bears connected with a small wire. you placed the bears on the cobras head and it balanced perfectly. then you could spin the bears like a teeter totter. Is this what you are lookng for?

Answered: Www.shine master semi truck detaling .com

There are lots of detail shops. Your CDL rig will take about 1,250.00 to shine and remove all the cigarette butts. If you need a new interior or if your rig is more that 3 years old, think twice. No one wants to lease that sort of power.

Answered: Vintage joe camel stuffed animal I have a 5ft Joe ...

Now that Joe is a outlaw it might go pretty good. Try e-bay
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