how to disassemble a 40 series comet torque converter?

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Answered: In Scarpetta series which book did Bentley return to life?

Did he really? I must have missed her recent books. I read about the first 7 or 8. I thot that they were great.

Answered: 02 landrover freelander torque converter / labor cost?

Authorized service stations and professional mechanics will charge you by the hour and that too a lot. What I mean to say is that if the problem is not that serious, you could try sorting things out by yourself? Don't get me wrong, since I had overhauled my my Jeep's transmission myself through ...

Answered: Torque specifications for a front wheel bearing on a 1967 chevelle

You can get that info on google, look for a manual.

Answered: How do I record a series on my TV/

A TV does not record. You need perhaps a DVR (digital video recorder), or a VCR. How you record depends on the device, and how you get a TV signal. You may have to set up a cable box or satellite receiver to the channel you want, and then have the recorder set for the time it comes on. If you ...

Answered: Convert/move to itunes

Just find the music folder about your media player and drag the mp3 files to itunes.

Answered: Vehicle hesitant at times and does not go into upper gears

yes both those parts play great part in the performance of the trany , tps will contral shift pionts where speed sonsor will time the shifts, you need to find out if you have any codes , to start no the right path, yes try to get it scaned , then tell me the results.
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