how to dilute peppermint oil?

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Answered: Diluting cooking oils

Do not dispose of cooking oil down your drain unless you want to spend money on a drain cleaning service later on. Oil and water don't mix and used cooking oil solidifies as it cools so you'll wind up with a solid lump of grease somewhere in your pipes. Don't do it!

Answered: Cannot find Atlas oil .,llc in versailles,Ky 40383 Does it still exist

Atlas Oil Co., President Marion Stallard 1645 Midway Rd Versailles, Kentucky 40383-9737 Its Kentucky license is listed as Inactive. I found another Atlas Oil listing in Corydon KY (270) 827 0556.

Answered: How do I get an oil job in north dakota?

It's all the Frozen North. Bubba, Southern by birth an' choice.

Answered: Dilution

Hi, You need to make 21 (1+20) in 3 ml so take 3/21 m"l ( = 1/7 m"l) of the concentrated one and 60/21 (or 2 and 6/7 m"l) of the other. To convert 1:20 to 1:100 you have to dilute it 5 times. So take 3/5 m"l ( = 0.6 m"l) of the 1:20 and dilute it 5 times (to make 3 m"l all together). Best ...

Answered: Are you an oil refinery and need wholesale Nigerian Bonny Light Crude

Nigerian oil is notorious as unsalable: it is 54% asphalt, 13% silicates, 10.3% available hydrocarbons, and the balance propane, silane, and arsene. The break even point is that we have 22.4% available hydrocarbons. However, silane and arsene are of use in semiconductor production, so that crude ...

Answered: What is the role of an engine oil pan?

The engine oil pan helps in storing extra oil for the car engine. This stored oil can be used for lubricating the engine. The oil pan is placed at the end of the engine. Generally you will find two types of oil pan, namely dry and wet pan. It also helps in covering the bottom area of the car ...
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Haagen-Dazs Peppermint Bark

I don't know where to find it in IN. but I did ask the Hagen-Dazs Guy and he said it is seasonal. So you can only get it around the Christmas Holidays. So look for it around Christmas and you can probably find it wherever Hagen-Dazs is sold

What kind of oil should I use in a 1975 Husky 400?

Google what the manufacturer suggests.

Can I fry foods with extra virgin olive oil?

you should not use olive oil for frying , but you can use extra virgin avocado oil, Its has a high smoke point 518 degrees and has more nutritional value than olive oil. Its also accentuates foods natural flavors ,unlike Olive oil that adds its flavor to foods. is good place to ...

If you decide to change the oil in your own ...

Professional shops that change oil are required to take used oil from individuals that change their own. They sell it to re-refiners.