how to dilute dmso gel?

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Answered: Diluting cooking oils

Do not dispose of cooking oil down your drain unless you want to spend money on a drain cleaning service later on. Oil and water don't mix and used cooking oil solidifies as it cools so you'll wind up with a solid lump of grease somewhere in your pipes. Don't do it!

Answered: Moco de gorila Gel

Absolutely! I rub it all over my bottom. It makes it so much easier to part the hair evenly with the crack.

Answered: Gel

Ultrasound gel? Like what they use on a woman's pregnant stomach?

Answered: Dilution

Hi, You need to make 21 (1+20) in 3 ml so take 3/21 m"l ( = 1/7 m"l) of the concentrated one and 60/21 (or 2 and 6/7 m"l) of the other. To convert 1:20 to 1:100 you have to dilute it 5 times. So take 3/5 m"l ( = 0.6 m"l) of the 1:20 and dilute it 5 times (to make 3 m"l all together). Best ...

Answered: How to make ultrasound gel

what is in ultrasound gel

Answered: Gel ice packs

All Cold Ice gel packs are packaged in tough durable recyclable polyethylene wrappers with heat welded seams to ensure maximum resistance to punctures, tears and splitting.
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What is the best way to remove my LCN gel nails safely?

LCN stands for Light Concept Nails which are professional nail enhancements that are made out of a gel resin composed of a premixed polymer and monomer. In the past women with problem nails have had to resort to gluing on synthetic nails which can damage the existing nail underneath and can also ...

How does one recycle leaking gel ice packs?

Ice packs must be used when submitting specimens in cooler boxes. In this directory ice packs refers to any one or a combination of: gel packs, frozen coolant packs, blue-ice packs, combination water and gel packs, or leak-proof plastic containers . It is important to ensure these products will not ...

What is the difference between uv gel nail and gel without light nails

Below is what I found: Acrylic nails are applied using a monomer (the 'liquid'), and a polymer (the 'powder'). The two ingredients are combined and the resulting bead of soft acrylic is placed into your nails and shaped into an artificial nail enhancement. Acrylic hardens by exposure to room ...

Where were the gel candles first made? What is the origin?

This site wll help