how to describe urine color?

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Answered: Color of urine

Hi, ------------ Urine contains water and dissolved waste materials. The normal colour is pale yellow and variation in the colour can be an indication of health problem(s). Yellow urine can be a result of too little water in your body (excessive sweating, drank too little.....). Dark yellow ...

Answered: The color of urine

In addition to Nillcarlson words of wisdom this site shows some uncommon and rare causes of urine color change.

Answered: What causes urine to be bright orange in color?

Urine that is bright orange could be the result of medication. Orange could be the result of pyridium (phenazopyridine). Senna laxative can also cause this. Carrots, beets, blackberries, and B vitamin supplements can also cause color change. More serious causes are dehydration, which can cause ...

Answered: Color of urine

although it is often clear yellow, because that means that you drink a lot of water, urine can become deep yellow if you take B vitamins. This is a normal side effect of B vitamins, and it is nothing to worry about!

Answered: How to rid a dresser drawer of rat urine odor and stain.

I think you're right, Bones. However, if the drawer is removed from the dresser, cover the bottom of the drawer with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and let it stand for a day. Vacuum out the soda, and wash out the drawer using a very strong soap and water solution. Dishwasher soap, like Cascade ...
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