how to deposit check made out to deceased person?

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Answered: How do I endorse a check made out to me so that someone else can cash it

What you have to do is write "Pay to the Order of" at the top of the endorsement section on your personal checks . Then PRINT the person's name you want to get the money and SIGN your own name below that. The person cashing the check will also need to sign it Read more about it here - http://www ...

Answered: Please review the Live Help Session ID: 1911378. I ...

Hi Harry: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. How do I close an AOL account of a family member who has passed away?

Answered: Bad Credit Personal and Business Bank Checking Accounts Online Banks

I am assuming your on the chexsystems and looking for a second chance bank account. See for a large list of these types of accounts.

Answered: Please suggest any bank in Dubai for Call Deposit account and its

When it comes to Dubai, Emirates NBD is the best option, especially if you’re looking to open a Call Deposit account. The bank offers several features with the account which is available in many currencies, doesn’t need a cheque book or ATM card, and comes with no fixed tenor along with attractive ...

Answered: What day in the month do the ssi check get deposit

my SSI state check does not get deposited,It comes to my address.I moved so it went to my old address.It did the same in december also but they fordwarded it to my new address.this check did not get to my new address for some resene.Its been sents march 13,2010.
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