how to delete the online shield results in AVG internet security?

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Answered: My question is about AVG Internet Security I have been trying to download

question was asked 2 years ago; think ameerj has found anti-virus by now

Answered: How do i change password don remember any security questons

Download AOL 9.7 ------- ------------------------- Sign on to AOL - at the top - Keyword - type - store password - when you change your password write it down - click - SAVE

Answered: How do I change security question?

Sign on to AOL - at the top - Keyword - Go to Keyword - type - Security Question - OK - Answer the Security question - Now you can change the Security Question.

Answered: Delete aol search history

Sign on to AOL ,at the left top - Edit - Clear Toolbar History. Your computer has other places that stores cookies of were you have been. Start - Control Panel - Internet Options - General Tab - Browsing History - Settings - View - These you can select all and delete. Start - Run (if you have it set ...
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It's a pop-up advertisement luring you to click into it. To get rid of it, you can uninstall it manually or use an automatic third party software to remove it.

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Hi Chris: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Compromised accounts

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