how to defrizz an acrylic wig?

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Answered: Beauty salons in georgetown tx that will cut and style a wig

there are many hair salon,you can choose which you like best .and here are wigs you can see online:

Answered: Acrylic

If you mean that you are working in a salon and doing nails every day, unless you eat the arcrylic, it's not likely harmful. It's actually more harmful to the ladies who are getting their nails done because often times, if one's not careful, an infection can grow underneath the arcrylic and ruin the ...

Answered: Wig Salon

Hi Gloria, For the best quality hair wigs at affordable prices you can have them at PINK LACE can check their website and check their front or full lace human hair wigs. They also have new synthetic lace front wigs that can be heated up to 200 degrees! Try to visit: http://www ...

Answered: Wigs for chemio patients

You can also order online! Pink Lace Wigs offer premium quality human hair lace wigs! you can visit their site at

Answered: Court wigs

If you interested in finding out about judges and lawyers in the United Kingdom, you will find the answer by going to the following link: Court Dress If you are interested in finding out about other countries, I have attached this link: Judges Around the World

Answered: Looking for theatrical wig

Not much help. I live in Texas.
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If you want to buy best wigs at

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Hope that this site will help you:

Gel or acrylic?

I do not think either should matter with your hands getting wet but i have tried both and I think that gel look much more natural and are less harsh on the nail. I also think gel lift less, which i guess it good when getting them wet - but that was just my experience. A lot depends on the system ...