How to defend the 4-3-3 in soccer?

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Answered: (78 - 14 + 28) + (8 x 3 / 6) = Y

(78-14+28) + (8*3/6) = Y (78-14+28) = 92 as 3/6 = 1/2 8*3/6 = 4 So it comes down to: 92 + 4 = Y Y = 96

Answered: Custom printed soccer balls

I tried and it works for me , it cost 58$ for ball including custom printing and shipping , I also choose a custom color without and extra charges

Answered: Which one, soccer or field hockey

soccer actually safer than hockey,just be careful when you play

Answered: The distant yet powerful cult of Rocmike3. There ...

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Answered: Men's Soccer Results

The general rules of soccer can be found here: Laws of the Game . But they are often amended, or added to for certain leagues. For example, not slide tackling, no playing on the ground, and no jumping forward are a couple of adjustments that often occur in adult rec leagues.
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