how to defeat the jabberwocky in wizard101?

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Answered: Wizard101 dinosaur pet

Dinosaur as a pet? wow. It definitely can not enter at my house' dog doors . Lol

Answered: How to defeat sothmekhet in wizard101 test realm?

He is as hard boss but it takes certain secondary spells to kill him, first, if you do have crowns you should be a lvl 60 or 50 life henchmen, then you should use a fire elemental if you are fire, then use as many dragons and helephants as possible, make sure you have plenty of shields blades ...

Answered: He who laughs last, laughs best..

Hilary Clinton? After that horrible concussion and resultant stroke? She was out of office 28 days because of that and has never recovered. The Democrats would only elect a corpse. Of course, only tombstones vote Democrat so it makes perfect sense.

Answered: What are the multiplayer mounts wizard101?

A multiplayer mount is a ride ( example: broom) that can carry up to more than two people.

Answered: What are the multiplayer mounts wizard101?

multiplayer mounts are normal mounts but 2 or more people (depending on witch one) can ride. they are in the test realm but they dont come out ...well i dont know. i will look up on when they come out and i hope this was helpful. thx alot bye bye
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Where get spellbinders hood on wizard101?

you go to the commons. next to prospector zeke is a woman named elouise merryweater. when someone sells it, you have to be the first one to buy. it is not unlimited like other shops. you have to be patient. -Flint Bluegem, Balance Student

How to get free crowns on wizard101 with using cheat ingen?

Hello , Man There isnt Any Way to Get Free Crowns Without ANY MONEY But there is a way to get more Crowns Than How much u paid! Go Then Create an account , If u Buy More Than 6$ Crowns You Will Get 1250 More Crowns!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its Very Very ...

How do become a warlord or commander in wizard101?

you just have to keep on battling until you reach that lvl of pvp. Just play a lot of pvp and hope you win

Free member for wizard 101

this adress give 1250 crowns sign up and you see ;