how to decorate the top of your master bedroom dresser?

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Answered: I am thinking of doing some decorating for my home ...

Hey guys, I know how you decorate your home, which gives you good look and attraction. I recently have decorated my new home architectural design from As much the walls of the outside can be shaped, inside also can be shaped and painted. The walls, ceiling, floor ...

Answered: I live in Dubai. Looking forward to decorating my kids room. Where to buy

Regardless of the stuff that you want to buy for your baby’s room including kids furniture, I think the IKEA store is a good option. They have lots of items to cater to wide variety of requirements.

Answered: I am thinking of doing some decorating for my home ...

Hey, mate! I had the exactly same case two months ago when me and my girlfriend decided to redecorate our home. We thaught a lot but we made the decision to trust a professional. We did a little research(you know, on the Internet, asking some friends) and we foudn this amazing site http://www ...

Answered: "Savannah Bedroom Collection"

Would you e-mail me a picture of the Savannah bed. I think that the bed that I bought is suppose to be one however I am not sure.

Answered: Please, how do I cancel my free AOL master account?

Hi there: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Cancelation and Reactivation

Answered: Do I need 2 tall lamps on my dresser in the master bedroom?

If you feel that you need to add more light to the room then that would be a great solution.
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The only one you should consult with is your dear daughter. Do only what she likes / wants !. IF you have no idea what to choose go (with her !) to a consultant.

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No need to panic. Whatever you've decided to paint since this was last posted was most likely in a wine shade. Right? If you like plum, you are likely to also like shades of wine and jewel tones. You can gather more ideas how to integrate the chimney into the rest of your decor by using lighting ...

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Wall decoration stickers have become very popular, you can find hundreds of designs and ideas to decorate a wall of your bedroom, dinning room, bathroom and play room etc. The wallstickers are available for every room in various colors for girls, boys or babies. Find best wallstickers on http://www ...

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Would you like me to send my grandkids over to help?