how to decorate the top of your master bedroom dresser?

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Answered: I want to delete my master screen name and use another one that is

Hi Marlee: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Remove or delete AOL Usernames

Answered: Where can I get some decoration stickers

Decoration Stickers and other Wall Decoration products are available at the IKEA store. Do visit the store in Festival City.

Answered: How to decorate my daughter's bedroom?

The only one you should consult with is your dear daughter. Do only what she likes / wants !. IF you have no idea what to choose go (with her !) to a consultant.

Answered: Small decorative accents hung above a picture on the wall

Some people think this is a search engine. It is not.

Answered: "Savannah Bedroom Collection"

Would you e-mail me a picture of the Savannah bed. I think that the bed that I bought is suppose to be one however I am not sure.

Answered: Decorate a wall with crayon shavings in paint

Would you like me to send my grandkids over to help?
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Honestly my bedroom set is old. I need a new one! It's not an antique, it's just old. We are slowly replacing and redoing our home and this is probably the last on the list.

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