how to cut to size a bali window shade?

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Answered: Problem with outdoor roller shades?

I have outdoor roll up shades and I love them! I happen to prefer the kind that you manually raise and lower. They were much less expensive and they glide so easily that it takes almost no effort.

Answered: Change aol email window

You can drag the left or right boundary to make the window bigger, and use AOL menu Window, Remember Window Size and Position

Answered: I am interested in solar window treatments. How ...

I work at a place called Aneco-home ltd, we are an environmental company. Im not sure how much it would cost you because i do not give quotes also, you would need someone to come around your house to measure up and give you a no obligation quote. The e-mail address is and ...

Answered: Custom window shades

Most shades are custom made for the window they're in. They probably won't fit in your new house.

Answered: Motorized window shades

You'll need to remove the motorized shade and unroll the fabric. On most shades you rotate the T-hook on the support bracket to disengage it over the nub on the idler that secures the fabric roll. Then remove nub of the end plug from the V of the support bracket. Then remove the foot of the control ...

Answered: Shade Sails - how do we calculate for stretch ...

A company I have purchased Shade Sails from before, is They took my mounting point measurements and made the sail 10% less than that. There is also a gore on each side of about 6% which is a curved edge with a cable in it, and when the corners are pulled tight, it also pulls the ...
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