how to cut pre-made laminate kitchen counter tops?

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Answered: Ugly kitchen counter top.

If you cover your appliances and sink with tape and plastic, you could consider painting your countertop. It's not my preferred method of dealing with an outdated countertop, but it would be a fix for now. Be sure to talk to a representative in the paint department to find out which type of paint ...

Answered: Preparing gouged laminate kitchen counter surfaces for granite coating

Granite coating? Better to completely replace with real solid granite countertops.

Answered: Kitchen counter tiling

Using a measuring tape, design your layout and identify the center of your design. Draw a grid of vertical column and horizontal row one after another so that they intersect at the central point of your backsplash. Adhere all the tiles to the wall except the last and final 2 rows and columns. At ...

Answered: Most Used part of Granite Counter Top Is Darker. How do I restore?

Probably despite the sealing, some water penetrates the granite, staining it darker. It makes sense that the most used ares show this the most. The way to tell if a stone needs sealing again; or, if it has been sealed, is to put water on it. If it is sealed the water will not penetrate ...

Answered: Mitered kitchen counter seam problem

Thank you so much for your input and advice. The fabricator seems to want to blame me for water damage but I feel strongly that it is an installation issue. There is more than just the buckle. The seam is raised on one side in the back and there is a huge gap at the wall. I assumed the extra ...

Answered: Installing Granite tiles on an existing square edged laminate counter

It would be a good idea to remove the laminate if possible because laminate is sort of "soft". The surface should be solid underneath the tile, if not, the tile will eventually crack. If you can't remove the laminate, you could go over it with very thin cement board. Either way, thinset is the thing ...
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Hello, How do you paint a formica counter top ?

silver, You can go over old fermica with new fermica.....painting fermica should be done by a pro!

Solid laminate vs corian countertop

Depending on your budget and style of your kitchen, Laminate would give you the best value, and there are great new laminate styles, textures, and colors available today. Don't see too much Corian anymore. Too boring and too expensive. You can get granite for $35 sq ft these days for standard colors ...

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