how to cut down snow skis?

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Answered: Where is the best place to take children skiing in CO?

Vail Ski Resort is a great ski resort for kids since it has beginners and intermediate runs on every lift, the ski resort has a ski area for kids called Magic forest.

Answered: Would You Take Your Kids to Something You Don't Like?

Yes, give the kids the chance to enjoy the sport they love to do.

Answered: Snow Train - Ski Train

Riding on a train will definitely add up fun and adventure to your vacation.

Answered: Fake snow

Here's a little information on snow making. Ski areas use snow making equipment to suppliment natural snow. They often use it early in the ski season to build a "base" on which natural snow can adhere and so that less natural snow is needed to open operations. So, to answer the second part of your ...

Answered: Closest place to snow ski to lompoc ca

Ski Resorts in Lake Tahoe area. Heavenly, Squaw and North Star are just just few.

Answered: How can I get over my fear of skiing?

Take a ski lesson with the person you are comfortable with or with a professional so that you may feel you are in good hands every time you fall. Just make sure you are equipped with proper gears to protect your self in case you will fall.
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What are the dangers of skiing?

Being buried in an avalanche is one of the most dangerous thing can happen to you when skiing or snowboarding, that's why it is essential to have an avalanche gear . These Avalanche gears could be a big help to you in case you are trapped in an avalanche.


During winter season some parts of California are covered with snow. Lake Tahoe area get the most.

What are the chances that on mid December there will not be enough snow

The most important item to check is the number of artificial snow guns the site has. This will assure you that even if there was not enough snow to pile up, the slopes will have snow for you to ski on. Ask the agent who recommended you about that site to find out the number. Other sites in ...