how to crochet with bernat truffles yarn?

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Answered: Crochet

It means to use something like a separate piece of yarn, a safety pin let you know where you began the previous row and where your current row should end .

Answered: Free yarn giveaway

I have a girl friend who is in poor health. Pretty much all she can do is sit and crochet. She makes an endless stream of baby blankets which she donates to churches and other organizations in her community. Yarn is expensive and she is on a "fixed income". Send it to her, but don't tell her I sent ...

Answered: Interrpeting instructions in an article

I found out the designer of the pattern has a website and on it, the abbreviations are listed. Just in case it shows up elsewhere, the mm at the end of the line(s) indicates Move Marker. The TOG after the sc in the pattern is for the word together, i.e. one single crochet's the stitches together ...

Answered: Minnie mouse crochet hat

Try these links, free patterns: (or this one)

Answered: What size Beads in Crocheting do you use for 4 ply yarn???

Well, you're going to need beads with a large diameter hole, like pony beads. HOWEVER, if you thread your yarn on to a yarn needle, and can pass the threaded needle thru the bead, then that's all that matters. You thread the beads on BEFORE crocheting starts anyway (unless there is some other ...

Answered: I am left handed and need help to learn to crochet any help will be

You know, I would never have thought that would be a problem. As Eldon says, though, there are bound to be instruction books. And I bet if you ask the people where you get your supplies, they might be able to point you in the right direction.
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