how to crochet a starbella flirt scarf?

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Answered: Crochet

It means to use something like a separate piece of yarn, a safety pin let you know where you began the previous row and where your current row should end .

Answered: Flirting or friendly ?

Flirting involves alot of insinuations and body language. Friendly is usually does not. No hints at anything other than friendly.

Answered: How do I flirt with girls in my college class?

I suspect the aswer is, "very poorly". Otherwise, you would not be asking for advice.

Answered: Minnie mouse crochet hat

Try these links, free patterns: (or this one)

Answered: I am left handed and need help to learn to crochet any help will be

You know, I would never have thought that would be a problem. As Eldon says, though, there are bound to be instruction books. And I bet if you ask the people where you get your supplies, they might be able to point you in the right direction.

Answered: Scarf bunion surgery

Google for information.
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Leave him. He is not that into you. Don't hurt yourself more than you might have already. There is someone for everyone and everyone deserves to be the "Special person" in someone's life. Leave him!!!!!!!!!!


After making chain 1 space, chain two more. Then go back and single crochet in chain 1 space. Hope this is what you were asking.


The pattern is directing you to work from within the parenthesis two times in the specified area. LOL:)

What does MC mean in crocheting?

I believe MC means "main color" & RS means "right side"