how to crochet a dctog stich?

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Answered: Crochet

It means to use something like a separate piece of yarn, a safety pin let you know where you began the previous row and where your current row should end .

Answered: Minnie mouse crochet hat

Try these links, free patterns: (or this one)

Answered: I am left handed and need help to learn to crochet any help will be

You know, I would never have thought that would be a problem. As Eldon says, though, there are bound to be instruction books. And I bet if you ask the people where you get your supplies, they might be able to point you in the right direction.

Answered: How do I do a stich in Crochet?

Decrease stitches are used to add shaping to a pattern. When strategically placed, decreases create curved shapes and edges seen in basic garment knitwear construction. The most popular method of writing decreases in patterns is "sc2tog," or "sc3tog," or "scXtog," and so on, where "X" represents ...

Answered: I'm making an afghan. Double crochet on each row ...

Hi, Once you're done with that afghan you can make many more with this great free eBook Enjoy!

Answered: Crochet

After making chain 1 space, chain two more. Then go back and single crochet in chain 1 space. Hope this is what you were asking.
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I was looking at a potholder patter (crocheted ...

fpdc means front post double crochet...which means make a dc around the post of the stitch below. bpdc is around the back side of a stitch below. how to crochet in rounds instruction Make use of your search engines. Everhthing is out there waiting for you.


No, simply count six stitches from the hook and double crochet in that space then as the pattern advises, chain one and continue on. Enjoy

How is crochet different to normal sewing?

Hi Cosmo Girl, Crochet and sewing are very different from one another. Crochet uses a hook while sewing uses a needle and/or a sewing machine. Crochet uses yarn while sewing uses thread. Crochet uses patterns with certain stitches for you to follow. You can find some fun crochet patterns at http ...