how to create folder instead of briefcase?

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Answered: Create folders

Hi Harry: If you are trying to create a folder within the AOL filing cabinet, there would be no limit at all.

Answered: How do I move existing folders into a newly-created folder?

Are you refering to emails to a folder or folders on your computer ?

Answered: How do i know if my louis vuitton briefcase is ...

badcogirl1 , Where did the item come from , did you purchase it was it given to you as a gift ? My sister in laws ... sister purchased a beaded bag at a thrift store that reminded her of one her grandmother had . She took the bag to someone who had knowledge of beaded bags . As it turned out she ...

Answered: How do I copy a saved folder on aol to a folder in my word on my pc

Did receive a procedure to follow but when clicking start then clicking all programs to find AOL to set up a possible way of accomplishing this task I do not see aol listed in program list. now were do I find Help articles

Answered: What is the value of my 1959 philco briefcase television?

That is an antique TV althogh it does not work. Refer antique shops.
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I have the same problem...AOL offers no you have one..??

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Can't create folder

you can create a folder on your desktop as 'CON'. press Alt+255 and type 'CON' the folder is created