how to cover white spots on your face?

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Answered: What exactly causes white spots (marks) on fingernails? Is there a way to

I'm not exactly sure but I think it is the diet and particularly a deficiency of mineral Zinc. But I'm not sure completely, so it would be better to wait for someone who knows more about it.

Answered: Is Black on White Crime Out of the Box in ENGLAND? fatuous1

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Answered: Red, scaly spots on face that come and go.

Try spotlessface anti spot cleanser. It works

Answered: Red spots.

Try spotlessface anti spot cleanser. It works

Answered: How to cover bald spot at base of neck hairline

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How can I cover darker spots on my face

1 Make sure your skin is clean. Apply your toner and let it dry for several minutes. Do not apply any lotions or cremes to blemishes you want to conceal. Step 2 *For olive skin tones, choose a LOREAL INFALLIBLE LIPCOLOUR, that is darker than the blemishes (dark spots) on your face. *For fair ...

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This is Buddy Holly

Any Suggestions (Facial spots)

Thank you so much. I am going to make an appt to have the Dr. see him this week.... I love this site, so glad I found it! Ali

Would a hot or cold compress be better to get the swelling and redness

If you want to get rid of swelling, cold is good. You can also try putting some neosporen on it, because it might be a little infected and this will help it to go away faster.