how to cook Trader joe's brined turkey?

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Answered: I need a recipe for brine turkey as my brother was ...

Check out the link below:

Answered: How do you brine a turkey for thanksgiving?

Go to this web site to see how to brine a turkey.

Answered: How Can I Prepare and Cook the Perfect Chicken and Turkey?

this is my very own recipe.. please try this. "chicken macao" chicken soy sauce salt and pepper Luffa acutangula onion garlic saute onion and garlic. add 2 cups of water. put chopped chicken and let it simmer for 30 minutes. add at least teaspoon of soy sauce (just to give color to the ...

Answered: Where is the signing that Joe Montana and M C Hammer are doing for the

WHAT: Press Conference to discuss gun safety awareness (the event following the press conference is closed to press) WHEN: Thursday, May 29, 2014 5:00 pm WHERE: Airbnb 888 Brannon StreetSan Francisco, CA

Answered: How to cook 7lb turkey ham

Hello, Wow that is quite a daunting task for you. Feeling stressed and anxious about hosting your turkey festivities? Imagine preparing your turkey with the confidence of a renowned chef knowing it will be a success. Here is how to accomplish that task. Cook a turkey dinner from scratch, what ...

Answered: High sodium content when brining?

QUESTION: I am a Fragile Cardiac Patient. When cooking, I use a Potassium Chloride salt substitute and White Wine or White distilled vinegar with the substitute to bring up the flavor instead of salt. What are the chances that this approach would also substitute for all the salt when brining meats ...
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More Questions I want to know how to brine a 10 pound turkey.

have google it? I never brine a turkey.

What do you brine steak with

Here's a recipe that I recommend.

Thanksgiving turkey & Cooking Bag

Thanksgiving can be an easy clean up, if you use Cooking Bag. I like to use Elizabeth Karmel's Grill Friends Brining Bags . This turkey bag is perfect for brining large turkeys.The ziplocking mechanism works great and holds up very well.

Martha Stewart had a receipe that used cheese cloth while cooking a

My mom uses this recipe and she loves it, you can see it on the Martha Stewart website, under the heading Turkey 101 . Happy Thanksgiving!