how to cook steak au pair?

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Answered: Are au pairs as useful as a nanny?

Honestly they are about the same. They both have awesome results. Personally, my wife and I wanted to hire a nanny , but my sister and her husband hired an Au Pairs and they absolutely loved her. I guess it really just depends on personal preference. You can do whatever you'd like, and I'm sure you ...

Answered: Steak - marinade or brush on?

I tend to enjoy italian dressing as a marinade as well.

Answered: Right temperature to cook a t bone steak in oven

Use the broil setting on your oven. Keep an eye on it, turn it, and enjoy!

Answered: Why are families in Southern California paying so much for nannies? Ever

Our program more affordable and only $340 per family not child visit

Answered: What are the best cuts of steak for grilling?

The best for grilling are ribeye steaks. However, flank steak is great if you are looking to make fajitas. Always bring your beef to room temperature before putting it on the grill. This allows for more even cooking. Enjoy!
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Cook and slice and put back together again a large turkey for 18 people

You could slice a breast and put it back together but you can't slice a whole turkey unless you have it deboned first.

I've never really cooked before but i'm looking to ...

How do you cook a 4" rib eye steak

Sear the steak on an extremely hot grill (suggested), or heavy skillet (cast iron if you have one), approx. 4 min. per side. Then place into a preheated 400 degree oven, making sure to use an oven proof pan (no plastic or wood handles, please). Bake until desired doneness. 8 to 10 min. should yeild ...

How to cook flash frozen steaks

I recommend the George Foreman grille. Works for me. But yeah, you do have to thaw them first.