how to cook rice in the pasta boat?

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Answered: Can anyone advise me how to cook rice properly? everytime i try it ends

boil your water first. When water is boiling then add the rice. cup of rice to cup of water. When it is finished remove heat let stand for 3 minutes and remove lid . This should come out great every time. add butter and some cream with some sugar and mmmgood. from time to ...

Answered: How do I cook pasta for a pasta salad?

You should cook pasta for pasta salad Al Dente. That is an Italian term meaning: To the tooth. This means the pasta shouldn't be mushy. If you want to learn about cooking pasta perfectly every time click here for step by step guide with pictures!

Answered: Cooking Time?

Brandy I use A LOT of wine and Brandy in my cooking, that I learned at the U S Open. Flushing Meadows , from soon TOP of the line Chefs.. will put a good recipe in site for you.. Sweet G

Answered: Has anyone had a bad experience with refinishing a mahogany classic boat

Mary, I had my classic Chris-Craft Runabout Super Sport "refinished" by Gordy Neimi. Contact me at 425-392-5143 Bob

Answered: I searching to buy that specially closed type pot/pan where food is

I agree with Celty, you are probably talking about a pressure cooker. They are great to cook meats like chicken or beef stew. I have one word of caution when using the cooker, make sure the red tab in the top of the cooker is firmly in place by just being observent everytime it is washed. I recently ...
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Cooking rice?

I used to cook rice using the 2 cups water one cup rice method. My sister told me about her Zojirushi cooker. I was skeptical but I will never go back to cooking rice in a pan. i get perfect rice every time now, The Zojirushis are very expensive and I know you can buy rice cookers for as little ...

Cook and slice and put back together again a large turkey for 18 people

You could slice a breast and put it back together but you can't slice a whole turkey unless you have it deboned first.

What is the best technique for cooking rice ...

Perfect Rice, the easy way:

Rice in saltshakers

Its been done in order to keep your salt from "sticking up" during humidity (you also pour salt directly to boiling and steaming pots)??!! take care Elinoar