how to cook hog maws in a crockpot?

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Answered: Crockpot size

If you don't have a quart measure, use a cup measure and when the pot is filled, divide by four. Oh! Don't forget to count.

Answered: Need glass cover for rival crockpot 3755 slow cooker

Check e-bay and thrift shops

Answered: Got a 3 week hog what do i do with it

faten it up and bacon it

Answered: How do I know what size crock how many quarts

Jiminey Christmas! Did I tell this poor soul to put the water in the crockpot and THEN turn it over and read the bottom? I'm gettin' 2 old for this

Answered: How to cook smoked pork necks in the oven

If they're smoked then they are already cooked. Just put them in a baking dish and reheat on 350 degrees fahrenheit.

Answered: When weighing cooked shrimp to charge per pound do you weigh after

Good ol' Balrog. He has a way of demystifying the most complex questions. You should offer to pay him for figuring this out for you, dixhold.
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