how to cook hog maws in a crockpot?

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Answered: Crockpot size

If you don't have a quart measure, use a cup measure and when the pot is filled, divide by four. Oh! Don't forget to count.

Answered: Cook and slice and put back together again a large turkey for 18 people

You could slice a breast and put it back together but you can't slice a whole turkey unless you have it deboned first.

Answered: Need glass cover for rival crockpot 3755 slow cooker

Check e-bay and thrift shops

Answered: Got a 3 week hog what do i do with it

faten it up and bacon it

Answered: How do I know what size crock how many quarts

Jiminey Christmas! Did I tell this poor soul to put the water in the crockpot and THEN turn it over and read the bottom? I'm gettin' 2 old for this

Answered: How long does it take to cook 9 lbs of pork tenderloin in crockpot

It's difficult to answer this question, since not all crock pots cook at the same rate, due to differences in heat output. By using two smaller ones of about 6 quart capacity, I think you need to cook the pork for a minimum of two hours after the liquid in the crock pot starts to bubble (simmer ...
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