how to cook ham wrapped in foil in a Rival Crock Pot?

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Answered: Crock Pot cooking

You can definitely cook a whole chicken in a crock pot. Just go to google and type in 'crock pot, whole chicken', and you will find quite a lot of recipes.

Answered: Pre-cooking chicken for crockpot recipe

I've never precooked my chicken breasts .

Answered: Crock pot part needed

Rival have their own website but unless its a recent model they may not be able to supply it. Why not try eBay and a good site that has a dedicated search for crock pot parts is Crock Pot Meals . See if you can see one there, its worth a try. You cant really use the crock pot without a lid ...

Answered: I have a holcroft 14 pint cast iron cooking pot in perfect condition does

I do not know, but these people:, might. They have a smaller one in their catalogue. If you email them a photo I am sure they can give you a quote.

Answered: How to cook 7lb turkey ham

Hello, Wow that is quite a daunting task for you. Feeling stressed and anxious about hosting your turkey festivities? Imagine preparing your turkey with the confidence of a renowned chef knowing it will be a success. Here is how to accomplish that task. Cook a turkey dinner from scratch, what ...
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How long should i cook beaf stew in a crock pot

I usually put the setting on low and cook for 8 to 10 hours. If I buy a cheaper cut of meat, I will leave in for the 10 hours. Comes out nice and tender.

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I use them as a pie crust for a quick microwave meal. I add 1-2 eggs, some shredded cheese ( or parmesan), parsley and whatever herbs go with the leftover meat and veggies that I have to the leftover spaghetti, and the meat and veggies. Top with more shredded cheese. Mix the spaghetti and the ...