how to cook ball tip sizzler steak?

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Answered: Steak - marinade or brush on?

I tend to enjoy italian dressing as a marinade as well.

Answered: How do i grill a steak?

I prefer to marinate the steaks for at least one hour. You can use almost anything. Dale's Steak Marinade is nice. A1 and Jack Daniels also make nice meat marinades. You then make sure that your grill is very hot, add the steak, and cook to the desired temperature, turning infrequently and making ...

Answered: Right temperature to cook a t bone steak in oven

Use the broil setting on your oven. Keep an eye on it, turn it, and enjoy!

Answered: What are the best cuts of steak for grilling?

The best for grilling are ribeye steaks. However, flank steak is great if you are looking to make fajitas. Always bring your beef to room temperature before putting it on the grill. This allows for more even cooking. Enjoy!

Answered: Tips on attracting a guy?

Can you loons take your childish posts somewhere else pleasse?
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No. I meant mine come out black. I have never cooked a bean or any type and had it come out shiny by itself. When it has whatever the broth, juice or dressing on it, it looks shiny.

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They won't be any good . Don't waist your time &/or other ingredients.