How to cook a beef brisket in an electric skillet?

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Answered: How to prepare and cook texas style b-b-que (ribs and brisket) time

Check out the link below for information.

Answered: Large skillet

Dave- I cannot imagine what you are going to put this over to heat it. Check out Lodge in South Pittsburgh, TN. They make all sorts of cast iron stuff, including skillets. They might have one this big. I have some of their products and I have been extremely pleased with them. You might think ...

Answered: How to cook corned beef and cabbage can you cook corned beef in a toaster

saute corned beef with onion and garlic. add potatoes.. add water and let it boil. then, add cabbage.. taste with salt and pepper. serve hot. A Filipino's Nilagang Corned Beef.

Answered: Electric brakes trailers When was the first trailer with electric

I belive Detroit Trailer Co. made a trailer with electric brakes in 1922, I have a picture.

Answered: Electric Appliances online

I know few of places for Electrical goods online shopping:

Answered: Essex electric switch company, lexington ohio I ...

Your message somehow got shunted to AOL Answers. I don't think you'll get the switches you want ...
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Leanest is healthier. But for flavor and tenderness... go with the 85%. It is the perfect comination of fat and flavor without drying out your meatballs or Meatloaf.

Beef Jerky?

In North America, the native Americans were making jerky long before y'all white folks dropped in for a visit. But drying meat at low heat for this purpose goes all the way back to the cavemen. Every country and culture has some kind of jerky. When humans took to the seas, pemmican was a staple of ...

Cook a beef roast,in a bag a 2and a half how long

An hour per pound is a good rule of thumb.

Cooking a brisket

I like to marinade a brisket over-night in one half cup each worschesire sauce and red wine; one tsp each OldBay, dry mustard, liquid smoke, garlic powder and one and a half tsp. pickling spice (ground). Remove brisket from marinade (save)and roast fat side up for 5- 10 min. in a 450 degree oven ...