how to convert torpedo kerosene heater to diesel fuel?

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Answered: Can kerosene be used in home heating furnace or diesel fuel ?

Fuel quality is a major problem with the kerosene heater.Kerosene isrecommended as the ultimate in fuel use. Many problems occur when diesel fuel,furnace fuel and even gasoline are used in the heaters. Kerosene is a complexfuel classified as a light to middle distillate.Kerosene doesn't have the ...

Answered: Kerosene fuel

Try searching on to find a place.

Answered: What is d2 diesel fuel my grandson is doing a report on this and we are

Answered: Diesel Fuel in hair and clothes

I found only a partial answer to my question about having diesel fuel in my daughters hair. Someone suggested tomate juice. It helped somewhat but the smell is still there but not as strong. I hope someone else has a solution.

Answered: Why is mostly people prefer Alpha Fuel X?

Alpha Fuel X, a body enhancer, helps you incredibly to make your dream of getting toned and perfect body come true. Do justice with your sweat flooded while exercise gym with this nutritionally enriched and 100% safe supplement.

Answered: How can I tell if I can use diesel fuel in my kerosene heater?

There should be a sticker near the tank, but you can call a sporting goods store let them know the brand and they can tell you. If it's been used before smell the tank diesel smells different. Have a Pro Bass Store?
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