how to convert austin healey to 12v negative ground?

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Answered: Austin Healey car vin #HAN7L29530 What year is this Austin Healey

Even tho this was posted 4 months ago, the VIN is from a 1962 Austin Healey Sprite Mk II.

Answered: Austin tx directory

If you're looking for directory or listings of properties there are many companies that are eager to help in your austin home search . Relocating can be a long process but if you have the right company helping you out, it can make things much easier.

Answered: I have a Desert Fox portable wheel that uses a 12v ...

And I love the Desert Fox name brand. Pretty sure they named it after my favorite general!

Answered: How much does 120v lamp diminish in brightness if converted to 12v with a

If you have a 120 V lamp supplied with 12 V, the power = V^2/R which will be (12/120)^2 = 1% of the power at 120 V. Brightness might be even less than that.

Answered: Is it OK to wire a 85 watt & a 30 watt solar panel together? Both 12v

If they have about the same Open circuit voltage then you could get some benefit by connecting them in parallel. Just use a charge controller if you value your battery life. A maximum power point controller would give you additional efficiency and protect the batteries from overcharge.

Answered: Liner hole

CLUE: The point of leakage is somewhere along (and just above) the current water line. Add water and look along that line to see if you see where it is leading out.
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I don't know if it will work, but you might try a 12v battery charger.

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