how to connect zune to iPad?

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Answered: IPad mini freezing and icons turning black and white

Most probably it is because something happened to the main board of the iPad. It is better if you give it to a professional rather than trying to fix it by yourself, because Apple products are very complex to handle. Some repair centers have Apple certified technicians to deal with Apple products ...

Answered: Excellent connection still cant log onto Ipad

Well, I think it is in the setting. Maybe you can ask help from expert in you locality or from your friends.

Answered: AOL 9.7 lost connection.

help, help why aol lost home connection

Answered: Zune

Call the manufacturer and see what they can do to fix the problem.

Answered: I am dying to get an iPad. However, the price is ...

I am surprised to see people are still bothering ipad when many other quality tablet Pcs are available in the market at a cheap cost. Android is far better than iphone every thing including finest apps are available on Android i was using ipad but i seriously realized Apple is not that charismatic ...

Answered: Zune mp3

No, zune is using for manage Zune player. It's a not a audio burning software. If you want to burn music to disc, this step by step guide would help you a lot
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How do I load songs onto my zune

You just need to drag your song into Zune software library, then plug in your Zune to computer, the Zune software will detect your Zune player automatically, then sync Zune, the songs will be transferred to your ZUne player. If you want to know how to put DVD Movie and video on Zune, this step by ...

Where I find decent backgrounds and wallpaper for my ipad 3?

Have you tried any of the godzillion sites on the net that offer these things? Maybe search on Google? Making them yourself? Using your brain?

How do I load songs on zune manually?

If they are not already in Windows media player, right click on the folder(s) and select add to Windows media player list. It may take a while for them to get there. Open Windows media player, plug in the Zune and select the sync tab. (the Zune should be recognized in the top right corner.) Then ...

I want to know how can i use ipad?

Here is some tips and apps you can use ,very helpful and meaningful