how to connect xbox live to xfinity?

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Answered: Can i connect my xbox 360 to xbox live by using a phone modem?

Really, probably not. You have to really use broadband Internet to play any Xbox game online, and to download anything from Marketplace either. Sorry...

Answered: AOL 9.7 lost connection.

help, help why aol lost home connection

Answered: Can xbox live connect with playstation network? Need answer ASAP

Not that i know of, check this link out.

Answered: If someone is using my hotspot wifi connection how can i find out what

Yes you can see them who are using your WIFI hotspot network. it will show on your device. you can easily view them.

Answered: Trying to fix being disconnected from xbox live after a few hours

do try this link:… i hope this will help
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Unknown Error Occurred

What was the error and how do I get it to connect? The ERROR was a UNKNOWN ERROR!! YOU CAN NOT get it to connect?! You need a new computer!!

Why does my dad allways hog the xbox

Maybe because you insult his abilities and he wants to improve, so he can show you up.

If I hook up a USB wireless internet adaptor to my Xbox 360, will it

You can connect to Xbox Live using a wireless network adapter, but it will have to be the one made specifically for the Xbox 360. Unfortunately, you have to buy their model and cannot simply connect any random wireless network adapter ...