how to connect xbox live to xfinity?

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Answered: Can i connect my xbox 360 to xbox live by using a phone modem?

Really, probably not. You have to really use broadband Internet to play any Xbox game online, and to download anything from Marketplace either. Sorry...

Answered: Unknown Error Occurred

What was the error and how do I get it to connect? The ERROR was a UNKNOWN ERROR!! YOU CAN NOT get it to connect?! You need a new computer!!

Answered: Trying to fix being disconnected from xbox live after a few hours

do try this link:… i hope this will help

Answered: Can xbox live connect with playstation network? Need answer ASAP

Not that i know of, check this link out.

Answered: Is the Xbox the best game console out there? Does ...

I agree with Cman, and also, here's my 2-cents... I think that now that the new Xbox 360 slim system is out, there are many problems that the old system had that you wont have to worry about and I know due to the fact that I repair Gaming Consoles. But the variety of games that the Xbox has to the ...
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