how to connect speakers to behringer pmp6000 mixer?

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Answered: Connecting Stereo speakers to computer

run a 1/8 in jack out to an male RCA adapter. Then go to amps to drive the speakers. You may be able to drive them with the receiver itself but will probably have to calculate which ones to run in series and parallel. If you run all parallel you may fry your amp channels. http://www.home-speaker ...

Answered: How can I connect 10 pair speakers

not sure what you mean by "1 pair speakers"! If you mean 10 speakers each paired in 2s that is 20 speakers in 10 double pairs we will call that Mode-1 here. If you meant 10 speakers and you want to connect them all to a single source (pairing them parallel and series to get the proper impedance ...

Answered: How do i connect external speakers to my laptop ...

there are two external pin options in every laptop. yes it is compulsory that you have amplifier included external speakers. there are a lots of company which provide external speakers for laptops as logitack , sony. if you want to buy best laptop you have to chose sony laptop for best speakers ...

Answered: How many speakers can i connect to my 30 gig ipod or the ipod stereo

the ipod is designed for high efficiency stereo headphones. Or it can drive a component like a preamp. Not much else. You could hook the ipod to a receiver and then power more speakers though. The amount of speakers an amp can push is determined by how low of an Ohm load the amp is stable into. If ...

Answered: No speakers

use a 1/8 jack cable from the stereo ouputs. Then an adapter to what ever component you want to run into. Just know the computer sound card cannot drive the loudspeakers themselves.

Answered: Can you tie two powered mixers together

I guess it depends on what you are mixing. If you mean concrete, then you get the larger mixer.
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Your amp has to match your speaker say for example : 2-12 inch subs, 500 watts max,200 watts rms max @ 4-ohms : your amp should be 200 watts rms out put power @ 4-ohms. I run a 8oo watt amp with the out power of 400 watts @ 2-ohms to a 12 inch sub 400 watts rms 2-ohms so your ohms and rms watts ...