how to connect a clearwire modem to a magicjack plus device?

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Answered: If someone is using my hotspot wifi connection how can i find out what

Yes you can see them who are using your WIFI hotspot network. it will show on your device. you can easily view them.

Answered: Connect computer to modem and connect online

Try this (

Answered: If you have more than one computers why do you need a router to connect

A router lets you use multiple devices (a desktop, a laptop, an iPod, etc.) at once.

Answered: Can I use a mobile phone to connect to Internet? i have BSNL connection

I use Straight Talk Unlimited Prepaid on my phone so I get unlimited data, minutes and messages. With this I am able to use my phone for internet. Its so easy to check mail on my phone where ever I am. Its only $45 monthly for unlimited data usage which is a great really fantastic.

Answered: How can I connect my 2.0 bluetooth phone to my 1.2 bluetooth device? Or

I feel like an idiot. Thanks for all the help but the problem was that I was pairing the devices wrong. I had a tough time because the instructions were in chinese. But i got it now. Thanks again!

Answered: Can i connect my xbox 360 to xbox live by using a phone modem?

Really, probably not. You have to really use broadband Internet to play any Xbox game online, and to download anything from Marketplace either. Sorry...
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My fax modem can not detect ' some ' fax ...

I suggest you to get a reliable internet fax service so you can send fax through computer. Internet faxing eliminates the use of fax machines, feeding of papers and refilling of inks.

Why does my modem start and stop frequently

Your modem may stop transmitting (or slow down a lot) if there is noise on the line. It could also be that a site is overloaded and often stops transmitting. It might be the AOL ads site, or the Huffington Post.

How do I enable DHCP on the vodafone mobile connect lite?

Vodafone VMC version continues to inhibit DHCP with Vista. Sadly the 9.3 version does not permit the source of the problem the Optimisation component to be disabled during a custom install. VMC 9.3 is useless for Vista if you also require WiFi/DHCP. Our solution is custom ...