how to connect a clearwire modem to a magicjack plus device?

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Answered: Connect computer to modem and connect online

Try this (

Answered: If you have more than one computers why do you need a router to connect

A router lets you use multiple devices (a desktop, a laptop, an iPod, etc.) at once.

Answered: Can I use a mobile phone to connect to Internet? i have BSNL connection

I use Straight Talk Unlimited Prepaid on my phone so I get unlimited data, minutes and messages. With this I am able to use my phone for internet. Its so easy to check mail on my phone where ever I am. Its only $45 monthly for unlimited data usage which is a great really fantastic.

Answered: How can I connect my 2.0 bluetooth phone to my 1.2 bluetooth device? Or

I feel like an idiot. Thanks for all the help but the problem was that I was pairing the devices wrong. I had a tough time because the instructions were in chinese. But i got it now. Thanks again!

Answered: Can i connect my xbox 360 to xbox live by using a phone modem?

Really, probably not. You have to really use broadband Internet to play any Xbox game online, and to download anything from Marketplace either. Sorry...

Answered: How can I connect to the internet on my mobile ...

Turn on ur wifi option in ur mobile and use ur internet router for it and enjoy it!!
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Michael needs a device that will connect one lan segment to another?

What you need is a router, depending on why you're connecting two segments, what you're planning on doing with the connection,and what kind of budget you have will determine what type of router you will need. You'll get excellent advise if you check out

Useing mobile internet service via computer

Attach your mobile wit data cable and install Nokia pc suit on your pc its a simple and best way!!!cheer

Can i connect Virgin Media to USB and not ethernet, and also can i use a

That is a good question, but I don't think so. But then again, I am no tech wizard.