how to conduct a meeting in a motorcycle club?

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Answered: Who chairs meetings

The manager, the president or the CEO.

Answered: I need to know the bylaws for the sundowners mc's will my bike and wife

Man, you got that right! I can do without bibos myself. Hey, if anybody treats my wife or kids bad they deal with me next!

Answered: Chris matthews american restoration i was in vagas ...

No one ever wears out a Harley: all the replaceable parts are still on the market or you can make them.

Answered: Motorcycle clubs in indianapolis

Aw Roc, now you've gone and gotten all serious on me, and just when I was getting to all the good verbal stuff I've got saved up for you. When I read first read your response to the post by ssmith I wondered how an intelligent guy (giving you the benefit of the doubt) can be so bigoted as to believe ...

Answered: How to down load example forms to start a new chapter for mc club

Best advice I got is that if you ride with friends (lots of folks do) and you are better family with your friends than your family, then you got a "hub." Once you have about 20 people in ypour hub then you might want to start a club. Bikers got a reputation that they do not tolerate wannabes, soft ...

Answered: What Kawasaki-riding motorcycle gangs are there in the US?

Tell you what, I rode with the Gypsy Jokers for years. So talk to me about bikers when you grow up. I know biker knows the Jokers. I'm just as sure you don't.
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