how To conceive a baby boy naturally in hindi?

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Answered: I have a friend who is desperate to have a baby girl to complement the

Tell your friend...proven in the case of my cousin who already had 3 boys and wanted a girl and then had 2 told to her by a doctor...the "deeper" the sex act, the more probablity of having a girl as the female sperm cells are slower, so they have to get there first. Can't hurt to try.

Answered: How can I naturally increase my fertility?

There are various ways to increase your fertility naturally. 1. A proper balanced diet with apple,pineapple,zinc rich ,folic acid rich fruits and foods 2. Proper exercises,that are prescribed by a natural fertility specialist 3. Habitual modifications, also prescribed by a natural fertility ...

Answered: How much of a difference does this make? Has ...

I have three daughters. Now I am too old to try this. Although my husband and I are happy. cause NOW we have three sons (inlaw)..:) Good luck to you.

Answered: Best time to conceive a baby?

Ovulation occurs when a female ovary releases an ovum into the fallopian tube. Successful ovulation is necessary in order for people to reproduce. Typically, a woman is at her most fertile time during the few days on either side of her ovulation day. This is because the luteinizing hormone (LH ...

Answered: Are there really any ways you can conceive a girl ...

I recommend that you read the Prince or Princess Guide written by baby gender selection expert Alicia Pennington. It provides advice on things like what positions to use to conceive a boy (or a girl), what foods to eat, timing your intercourse correctly within your ovulation cycle, etc. You can ...
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Question about :- How to Have a Boy Baby - Natural Gender Selection

Yes, the sperm carrying the X chromosome will give a female offspring, while the one carrying the Y chromosome will produce a male offspring. Natural gender selection are based on many factors like diet, acidity of the cervical mucus, sex positioning and biorythm. If you want a boy you need to ...

How can you determine the date a baby was conceived on my baby was born

The classic method of calculating due dates uses the date of your last menstrual period (LMP). This method assumes a cycle length of 28 days, with ovulation on day 14. You take your LMP, add 7 days, subtract 3 months, then add one year.

Your opinion about the "genderless" baby?

How many of you Want a GENDERLESS Child??? This is not the normal to do this to a Baby of any age. Sweet G 6/16

What should i name my little baby boy?

For me the most perfect name from your baby is Val then add second name. You can name him Val Romeo if he is a boy or Val Juliet if she's a girl.