how To conceive a baby boy naturally in hindi?

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Answered: I have a friend who is desperate to have a baby girl to complement the

Tell your friend...proven in the case of my cousin who already had 3 boys and wanted a girl and then had 2 told to her by a doctor...the "deeper" the sex act, the more probablity of having a girl as the female sperm cells are slower, so they have to get there first. Can't hurt to try.

Answered: How can I naturally increase my fertility?

There are various ways to increase your fertility naturally. 1. A proper balanced diet with apple,pineapple,zinc rich ,folic acid rich fruits and foods 2. Proper exercises,that are prescribed by a natural fertility specialist 3. Habitual modifications, also prescribed by a natural fertility ...

Answered: How much of a difference does this make? Has ...

I have three daughters. Now I am too old to try this. Although my husband and I are happy. cause NOW we have three sons (inlaw)..:) Good luck to you.

Answered: Best time to conceive a baby?

Ovulation occurs when a female ovary releases an ovum into the fallopian tube. Successful ovulation is necessary in order for people to reproduce. Typically, a woman is at her most fertile time during the few days on either side of her ovulation day. This is because the luteinizing hormone (LH ...

Answered: Where can I purchase a trendy set of baby blankets in the UAE?

You can get a new set of baby blanket from the IKEA store. They also stock various products for children. Check the website for more.
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Is there any truth in being able conceive a boy or girl by adopting

With medical technology can do just about anything..however there has been no long term studies to signify the consequences of the actions we have been taking over the last twenty years and those that have cosequences are usually NOT shared..unless they show a very positive outcome..not ...

How do I choose a gift for 1 year baby boy birthday.

The questions just keep getting harder. Ask his mom.

How can you determine the date a baby was conceived on my baby was born

The classic method of calculating due dates uses the date of your last menstrual period (LMP). This method assumes a cycle length of 28 days, with ovulation on day 14. You take your LMP, add 7 days, subtract 3 months, then add one year.

Question about :- How to Have a Boy Baby - Natural Gender Selection

Yes, the sperm carrying the X chromosome will give a female offspring, while the one carrying the Y chromosome will produce a male offspring. Natural gender selection are based on many factors like diet, acidity of the cervical mucus, sex positioning and biorythm. If you want a boy you need to ...