how to clean wagner ware sidney cast iron pots?

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Answered: Cleaning cast iron radiator prior to prime coat

you can used water to wash radiator and damp cotton rag

Answered: Mildew in cast iron skillet

Thanks, rayter, for the extra tip!!

Answered: What is the value of an antique cast iron tub?

if its a 60'' tub they are a dime a dozen & can be bought from $0 to $150 depending on its Condition and location.. all other sizes add $50 to $200 again all depending on its condition..

Answered: Why use cast iron pans

Seasoned Cast Iron can be considered the "grandfather" to today's "non-stick" cookware. Cast Iron Cookware must be seasoned properly and it will last a life-time. (I still use my Grandmother's cast iron skillets on a regular basis and they must be at least 60-70+ years old.)

Answered: What's the best tea for a new tea drinker

have you ever used green tea? Check it out from here.

Answered: How to clean the bottom of copper pots?

If you just want the copper color to be restored, sprinkle table salt on the copper, and pour vinegar on the salt. Rub it around , and the bright copper color will be back.
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When I wipe my cast iron dutch oven with oil and paper towel the paper

My Mom always said if you want to clean cast iron pots or the like, steel wool (brillo or equalivant) and a lot of muscle power... easier way use a power tool with a fine wire wheel and it will shine. Cast Iron gets carbon baked in and thats the only way to get the iron shine back. After you do ...

I have cast iron tub for sale not asking much just trying to get rid of

List your item on Ebay or Craiglist. There will surely be buyers who would be interested in buying your old cast iron tub.

Cleaning cast iron

Use salt. Do a quick rinse with hot water and then liberally sprinkle salt in your pan and scrub. When you're finished scrubbing your pan rinse it and then make sure there's a very light coat of oil on it to prevent rusting. The salt will scrub away any build up and sanitize at the same time. I ...

How do you clean a cast iron griddle that has rusted

In maintaining your cast iron griddle. after use Wash it with dishwashing soap and water. Never soak or let soapy water sit in the pan for any length of time - just briefly wash it out. Rinse thoroughly, then dry with paper towels. NEVER put cast iron cookware in the dishwasher Place the cleaned ...