how to clean spilled beer off a microfiber sofa?

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Answered: Where can I get Bintang Beer in the USA?

You can find Heineken beer at total wine, Ralph's, possibly target, and big lots.

Answered: Cleaning Carpet Spills

Use hot water with detergent and chemicals. You will definitely get the results. If the stain is stubborn then you need to call Americanpridecc they will help you...!!!

Answered: Oil Spill Clean Up

it not his fault

Answered: How do I clean my Norwex microfiber cloths? Can they go in the washer and

On the final rinse, if you have a full load, add about 1/2 cup of ammonia, less for smaller loads. Your cloths will never sour or stiffen. I do this with all my laundry and it hasn't harmed anything and is way cheaper than Downey-type products. The ammonia rinses ALL the soap out and the laundry ...

Answered: Do they drink beer guys on duck dynasty drink

Judging by the complete incoherence of your question it is obvious that you drink quite heavily.

Answered: Cleaning window

I think you try very delicately for cleaning window because cleaning window is very hard it will be chances to damaged. Firstly you can clean window proper way to removing all dust on pans. You can also take help for professional window cleaners witch is provides best window cleaning services at ...
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How to clean hot tub filters?

I usually change the filters every three months as the filter cover says “Do Not Attempt to clean this filter on it. You change them every 3 months. ” . Still I have some ideas with using TSP solution for this. You can just soak the filters in the solution(spa chemicals ) and leave overnight. After ...

I have a cream fabric sofa whats the best way to clean the arms of it?

You can clean your cream coloured sofa without having to use hazardous chemicals. Norwex Antibacterial Microfiber has been proven to remove stains with just water. Additional cleaning option from Norwex is the Carpet Stain Buster, this too is very effective on upholstery. For more details visit ...

How to get chewing gum off my microfiber sofa?

Thankyou, I will give it a try right now! =)

How beer is made by processing?

can find out at