how to clean new brick pavers to remove white spots?

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I'm not exactly sure but I think it is the diet and particularly a deficiency of mineral Zinc. But I'm not sure completely, so it would be better to wait for someone who knows more about it.

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Absolutely. That is the dirty secret that the DEA and your mama don't want you to know. Personally, I don't how you got a hold of this information. It was supposed to be tip top secret. Now the entire Internet, Innernet, Innertube, and Outernet will know. Maybe the Master Sargeant will be able to ...

Answered: Brick paver question?

I would suggest Unilock Ohio paver patio contractor

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For your carpet cleaning check!

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Check here:
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are the pavers double sided......flip them over Columbus Ohio Landscape Contractor

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Thank you, I had no ideal what to do, Rose