how to clean my heat surge fireplace?

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clams hex nice farm parrot. An anagram.

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For your carpet cleaning check!

Answered: How to upgrade propane fireplace

I think getting a new fireplace is a better idea. There are many new affordable choices available in the market. You can go for natural gas, electric or wood fireplaces. Some fireplace are for sale too.

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What size in KW s di I need to heat a 2800 sq ft house avarage insulation 8 years old

Answered: How much is a hitzer fireplace insert 503

someone please advise how to get all the melted wax off of my free standing fireplace. when using the fireplace where a candle mistakenly was placed and melted now when the unit gets hot the init now smokes and smells of burnt candle
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Here's their website. Click on accessories and then on remote control.

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I have an outdoor fireplace that we use on our patio, but in order to use duct work to get the heat indoors, you would also have to install ventillation to get the smoke back out of the house. This would be very costly to do. Not sure that it even could be done.

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