how to clean fan gateway nv79 laptop?

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Answered: Why does my floor fan that has a remote switch speed by itself

Because those fans are possessed, they have what is called a speed demon. The demon controls the speed, not the remote switch. Take it back and get a fan that is not possessed by a "speed demon?

Answered: Does anyone know if gateway laptops have a setting that limits the size

I doubt any laptop would have this setting. It would be a function of your email software (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.) or your ISP. We'd need more info on those to help further.

Answered: Gaming Laptop Under 1000

You can go for hp pavilion touchsmart 15-p003tx. with good ram speed and hard disk.

Answered: Cleaning the Registry

How about this software Windowns optimization master.I remember it is free.

Answered: Carpet cleaning tips

For your carpet cleaning check!

Answered: How could you do this to the Buffalo Sabre's fans ...

The good news is the Sabres fortunes are a concern to about 37 people worldwide, so a mass suicide is very unlikely.
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Seagate ST500LMO12 can i install this hard drive into a gateway

You should have explained what your trying to do. A laptop uses a 2.5 hard drive. A desktop uses a 3.5 hard drive. Some are IDE and the one you listed is Sata or Serial ATA. If you put in a hard drive into your laptop (new or used) it has to have the operating system on it that came with your ...

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How do you clean the laptop fan of dust?

I would be careful using an air spray can, i have read reports that tiny traces of moisture come out of these cans. When I clean laptop fans I always take them apart and remove dust build with simple pipe cleaners, it can take a bit longer doing it this way thou. Laptop maintenance ...

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