how to clean a chrome lined bore ar 15?

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Answered: How do you change a stag 2T ar 15 into fully auto

If you do you will go to jail. Some states allow full auto but you have to jump through a lot of NFA tape and money to get cleared.

Answered: Pre Ban Lower Receiver AR-15

Found out you can't purchase a "pre Ban" weapon unless you are the original owner of it, and purchased it before the law was instated. That's the law in the Great State of Connecticut- Thanks anyway! Martin

Answered: Why is genius so boring? Only a handful of ...

So, nu? What are YOU doing to change the world. Aside from pissing and moaning.

Answered: Ar15 223 or 5.56

The 223 can be fired in the 5.56 because the 5.56 is loaded to a higher pressure as per military requirement. The reverse is not true. The 5.56 should not be fired in a 223 chamber. The only 223 chamber capable of handling the higher pressures of the 5.56 is the 223 Whylde. Rock River uses the ...

Answered: and How to buy fifa 15 coins?

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Answered: Carpet cleaning tips

For your carpet cleaning check!
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