how to check the status of an attorney law license in illinois?

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Answered: How does Personal Injury case work without an attorney?

Personal injury claims can be handled in a variety of ways. Experience, technique, sales ability, overall familiarity with the insurance company at issue will impact your end result; and the end result is measured in dollars! What does all this matter you ask? First of all, upon finding out that ...

Answered: Law

I think, you can not solve our problem without law service. Law service is very important for anyone.

Answered: What advantages are there to using an experienced bankruptcy attorney?

There are many advantages to using an attorney to file bankruptcy . Some of them are: • The attorney knows the bankruptcy law and the procedures to be followed. • The attorney can give you accurate and timely advice to avoid the numerous pitfalls associated with bankruptcies. • The attorney ...

Answered: Illinois laws concerning nursing homes being able ...

Let me explain on this as much is involved most contracts in about all states will containe the clause that if your insurance company does not pay for all of your care and therapy they have the right to place a lein on your home and or any money you have as it is hidden in there contracts it is in ...

Answered: How can a DUI attorney help?

DUI charges nowadays is not a joke; in some states, it's a criminal offense that could not only suspend your license, but can earn you jail time AND expensive fees. Not to mention driving school. An experienced DUI attorney like can defend your case properly ...

Answered: Employment law

One old post said that you can't be laid off if you are on disability, due to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Another post said you can't be laid off while on medical leave. You might be able to get more exact advice from the US Department of Labor, or from your state's department. Another ...
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If you are still looking for an attorney you can go to and post your request. You will have qualified attorneys in your area contacting you with proposals.

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